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By far the most useful service we provide our clients is the benefit of our years of experience. We have found that by carefully listening for the key issues at the onset of our engagement in a case, we can quickly map out a plan to provide the right level of service for the task. Occasionally, referral sources are not quite sure what the case requires. Our detailed Request for Services interview is conducted before we begin work to ensure roles and expectations are clearly determined from the onset of our involvement.

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Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment

Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment is really at the core of what we do. We help evaluees, attorneys, judges, or any other interested party determine an individual’s residual earning capacity following an accident or injury.

life care planning

Life Care Planning & Disability Cost Analysis

A life care plan is a dynamic document, a collection of information regarding goods and services required to care for an individual who has sustained a catastrophic injury or illness. With four certified life care planners on staff, we are able to research and document a comprehensive life care plan which is typically used to help a judge or jury decide how to compensate the injured party so that their medical needs are properly met.


Labor Market & Earning Capacity Research

Although much of the relevant information about an individual’s work history and residual earning capacity comes from record review, interviews, and testing, it is important to be familiar with the wealth of statistical data available about careers and geographically-specific earnings.

labor market
expert testimony

Expert Testimony

On occasion we are asked to provide expert forensic opinions regarding an individual’s residual employability and earning capacity. We take our work in this regard very seriously, and believe that our nearly 30 years of experience has helped us hone our ability to communicate with the trier of fact, be it a judge, jury, or third party mediator, and help them understand sometimes very complicated vocational topics.


Career Counseling & Job Placement

We have experience helping people to evaluate their career and job choices based on their skills, abilities, and aptitudes. If you are interested in exploring current or alternate paths, contact our office.




Professional coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional life. People turn to coaches for a variety of reasons such as help in starting a business, desire to live the life they long for, creating a more positive mindset, achieving better results in leadership, or gaining a better understanding of their life purpose (just to name a few).

  Rehabilitation Case Management

Rehabilitation case management is a comprehensive service provided to assist Workers’ Compensation claims representatives, third party administrators, self-insured employers, as well as other programs and agencies handling both state and longshore Workers’ Compensation claims.